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Regression test report: 4.10.1 Regression test

Tests Changed

Regression test repository changes since the first Source 4.10.0beta:

(warning) ALL Project results updated - tolerance removed
(warning) 03 Project results updated
(minus)  01 Tests removed

LFS beta branch:  4.10.0betartc (e0910f684ef495ecbe10c5face65ffd74bd1095b) →  4.10.1betartc  (cffa019a2e61c7583d53838309df190b5ed43900)

ChangeJIRA Issue / ReasonRegression test
(warning) ALL Project results updated

RM-18449 - Getting issue details... STATUS

We remove the tolerance in our regression tests to help find issues earlier if we get very minor differences on different machines or operating systems. We regenerated all results to remove rounding that had been previously used. 

All project results modified!

(warning) 02 Project results updated

RM-18610 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Community Projects/River Murray Performance Test 2

Community Projects/River Murray Performance Test 2 BE

(warning) 01 Project results updated

RM-18815 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Fixed a sub-daily project that was incorrectly scaling the function assigned to a parameter with daily units

Calibration\Sub-daily Calibration

RM-18839 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Fixed an infinite Loop in Environmental Flow Manager distribution logic

Environmental Flow Manager\Two spells with manager
(minus)  01 Tests removed

An old project that is no longer needed.

Community Projects/River Murray

Ignored Tests


Waiting on RM-14842 - Getting issue details... STATUS to be implemented

Risk Use Case.rsprojignored until a more appropriate test is built
PerfRunTimeoutFailure.rsprojPerformance test only