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Some results have changed between Source 4.9 and Source 4.11. The eWater development team maintains a detailed system to track when results vary between different version of Source. The areas with differences are: 

  •  All regression tests had their reference results updated to match the Source results with exact precision. This allows any small variations that appear be identified immediately.
  • There have been some bug fixes in the Vic Carryover Resource Assessment Trigger which have changed results.
  • There have been a number of changes to the Weir algorithm, in particular for how ownership and conveyance flows are handled.
  • The Environmental Flow Manager had a minor alteration to its distribution logic to correct a bug and avoid infinite loops.
  • Units were now assigned to Functions created using the Calibration Wizard. A change in results is possible here with non-daily timesteps if the functions had been originally set up with incorrect units.
  • The Equalise Shares option for Off-Allocation Systems has been removed. Projects using this option will need to be updated, which may cause results changes.
  • Some projects were found to have incorrectly assigned Data Sources to models multiple times. An assurance rule has been created to identify the situation. When the problem is fixed, results may change.

To test your project:

  1. Create a regression test in Source 4.9, see 4.9 Regression testing 
  2. Run it in Source 4.11 to test for any result changes, see 4.11 Regression testing

Details of changes for each beta release are here:

4.10.0 Regression Test Changes

4.10.1 Regression Test Changes

4.10.2 Regression Test Changes

If you would like help with your projects or would like to have your projects included for testing, please contact support:

List of causes of regression test changes since 4.9:  Getting issues...