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Regression test report: 4.8.0 Regression Test

Regression test repository changes since the first Source 4.6.3beta:

(warning) 6 Project with results updated
(warning) 6 Projects with Scenario Input Sets updated

LFS beta branch:  4.6.3beta (7095d53cb1dd3fc36049ca65c9e766afe6ac8c42→  4.8.0beta (6c5f6b6dda790f7e8018dd90ab1f6ce388e73ff8)

ChangeJIRA Issue / ReasonRegression test

(warning) 1 Results updated

RM-18079 - Setting metaparamters can break $ActiveInputSet
DSP-943 - Insight is broken when you haven't used the Scenario Input Sets window

Plugins/SubSourceSingleProject/Main Model/Sub-model analysis

(warning) 4 Results updated

RM-17703-'Safe release' functionality needs to be changed

Source GBCL Model 

(warning) 1 Results updated

RM-17592 - Validate the Accounts, Account Types and AccountHosts returned from TriggerActionCommon 

RM-18047 - Vic Carryover trigger doesn't work after updating the project to beta versions after 4.4.2  
RM-18011 - Unexpected error messages with storage ownership 
RM-18022 - RAS issues with first resource assessment in annual accounting

Community Projects/Source GBCL Model/BDL Model

(warning) 6 Projects with Scenario Input Sets updated

RM-17709 - Ability to model the changes of carryover type over different periods

River Murray Performance Test
River Murray Performance Test 2
River Murray Performance Test 2 BE

Ignored Tests


Waiting on RM-14842 - Getting issue details... STATUS to be implemented

Risk Use Case.rsprojignored until a more appropriate test is built
PerfRunTimeoutFailure.rsprojPerformance test only