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Regression test report: 4.8.1 Regression Test

Regression test repository changes since the first Source 4.8.0beta:
(warning) 1 Project with results updated
(info) 1 Results updated for plugin changes
(info) All existing projects updated to v4.7.0
(plus) 2 Test added

LFS beta branch:  4.8.0beta (6c5f6b6dda790f7e8018dd90ab1f6ce388e73ff8) →  4.8.1beta (5f96634617b3af1f263a9f437892054bd07b8265)

ChangeJIRA Issue / ReasonRegression test

(warning) 1 Results updated

RM-18061 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Community Projects/Source GBCL Model/BDL Model

(info) 1 Results updated

Plugins updated

Community Projects/MDBAAssessment

(plus) 1 Test added

RM-18159 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Accounting/Continuous Accounting/ChangeInAllocation
(plus) 1 Test addedTest added for the GR4J SG PluginPlugins/GR4JSG_CatchmentModel
(info) All existing projects updated to v4.7.0We updated all the regression test projects to improve the performance of running regression tests.All project files

Ignored Tests


Waiting on RM-14842 - Getting issue details... STATUS to be implemented

Risk Use Case.rsprojignored until a more appropriate test is built
PerfRunTimeoutFailure.rsprojPerformance test only