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Regression test report: 4.8.2 Regression Test

Regression test repository changes since the first Source 4.8.1beta:
(warning) 7 Project with results updated
(info) Result names have changed
(info) 1 Results updated for plugin changes
(minus) 1 Test removed

LFS beta branch:  4.8.1beta (5f96634617b3af1f263a9f437892054bd07b8265) →  4.8.2beta (303302111a948713b132d4847ce8653644befb21) 

ChangeJIRA Issue / ReasonRegression test

(warning) 7 Results updated

RM-18161 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Accounting/Annual Accounting/Carryover_Loddon Type Test
Accounting/Annual Accounting/Yong's test case/Carryover_100%_GoulburnSWA
Accounting/Annual Accounting/Yong's test case/Carryover_200%_GourlburnSWA
Accounting/Annual Accounting/Yong's test case/Carryover_Goulburn_SWA
Accounting/Annual Accounting/Yong's test case/Carryover_Test
Accounting/Annual Accounting/Yong's test case/ExtendedUse_CarryOver
Community Projects/MDBAAssessment/Combined

(info) Result names

RM-15726 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Due to the changes for the above issue we have effectively altered identifying function recorders.

This will mean any plugins which reference recorders will potentially lose those hooks when updating to 4.8.2.

The only plugin I can see that is affected is HEC-RAS. 


(info) Results updated after plugin changes

Plugin changes made that changed resultsCommunity Projects/MDBAAssessment
(minus) 1 Test removed

Removed the Open MI test


Ignored Tests


Waiting on RM-14842 - Getting issue details... STATUS to be implemented

Risk Use Case.rsprojignored until a more appropriate test is built
PerfRunTimeoutFailure.rsprojPerformance test only