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Regression test report: 4.9 Regression Test Report

Regression test repository changes since the first Source 4.8.3beta:
(warning) 1 Project edited and Results updated
(warning) 2 Projects edited with a manual database upgrade

4.8.3beta (bb8282b097e48aae4bc8ad44353a6552e2ccdc76)  →  4.9.0 (b4ec3765166ffb41c6c2fa2800e366f49a43799c)

ChangeJIRA Issue / ReasonRegression test

(warning) 1 Project edited and Results updated

Fixed carryover triggers which all had empty destinations and hence had no carryover. Regenerated results.

Accounting/Annual Accounting/CarryOver

(warning) 2 Projects editedFixed faulty projects by executing a missing Database Upgrade manually.Nodes/Water User/Calibration/RM_14643
Nodes/Water User/Calibration/RM_14747_returns

Ignored Tests


Waiting on RM-14842 - Getting issue details... STATUS to be implemented

Risk Use Case.rsprojignored until a more appropriate test is built
PerfRunTimeoutFailure.rsprojPerformance test only