Note: This is documentation for version 3.5 of Source. For a different version of Source go to the Space Directory.
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Welcome to the home of Source v3.5.0 documentation space.

The last Source production release (v3.3.0) saw the release of the online Source User Guide and Source Scientific Reference Guide. Since this release, we have received a positive response from users of the migration from the PDF based format to an online wiki. These guides can be accessed directly from the Source software from either of the following locations:

  • The Help menu; or
  • Feature editors (nodes and links);

To watch the online documentation demonstration video, click on this link: Online Documentation Demo 

Accessing the online documents

You can access the Source User Guide by following the links within the Source software or by navigating to (this page) and selecting Source User Guide from the menu on the left. We welcome comments on how the quality and effectiveness of the User Guide can be improved. To add comments you will need to be logged into Confluence, and a comments field will appear at the bottom of each page. If you have trouble logging into Confluence please contact us. All comments will be viewed by the Documentation Team.

To access the on-line Scientific Reference Guide you will need to be logged into Confluence; follow the instructions as above. Comments on the Scientific Reference Guide are also welcome and will be considered as sections are revised.




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