Note: This is documentation for version 4.11 of Source. For a different version of Source go to the Space Directory.
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Steps require permission to install software on your workstation. Please contact your system administrator if you don't have permission to do this.  

To add the Urban Developer feature set to Source, the Urban Developer plugin needs to be load and operating. To achieve this:

  1. Locate or install Source to a known location on your machine. By default this is under "C:\Program Files\eWater\" and then a folder version of Source you have installed.
  2. Next download the Urban Developer plugin from your toolkit account.
    1. Head to
    2. Log into toolkit using the login button in the top left. If your already logged in skip to point c.

c. Click on the tools menu to load the list of tools your account has access to.

d. Click the Urban Developer Source Plugin link, then under the Software section on the left click download software

e. Read and accept the license agreement. 

f. Select the version Urban Developer you wish to download (note it should match the same first three digits are your Source version) and then click the zip link to download

3. Once the zip is downloaded, extract it into the Plugins folder of your Source installation. 

a. If your network / workstation rules prevent you from installing software or extracting to the Program Files folder, please ask your system administrators for assistance. 

4. Next open the version of Source your Urban Developer plugin was installed into.

5. From the main menu select the Plugin Manager to load the Urban Developer plugin

6. In the Plugin Manager click the browse button. Open the Urban Developer Plugin folder where the plugin was extracted to and select the plugin

7. Now click the OK button on the Plugin Manager dialog, a warning will be displayed to suggest restarting Source. Click Yes to this and wait for Source to reload. 


8. To verify that Urban Developer has loaded now create a new project. The Scenario creation dialog will now give you an option to create an Urban Scenario. Select this option. 

9. A new scenario should be created that gives you the following layout. 

a. If you don't get this view, you can use the View | Reset All Windows menu option.


b. In addition make sure that the node palette and schematic views are checked 

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