Note: This is documentation for version 4.11 of Source. For a different version of Source go to the Space Directory.
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Source version 4.3.1


The Source Database (SDB) file format is Source's binary file format for storing time series data and associated metadata. SDB files support querying and searching, providing an efficient means of extracting individual time series from large data stores. The SDB supports the metadata listed in the table below. Some of the metadata fields are only relevant if the SDB file has been created from the results of a Source simulation.

Metadata FieldDescriptionExamples
General Details
AuthorCreator of the SDB file
Application SourceName of application that produced the dataSource
Application VersionVersion number of application4.3.1.0000
Scenario NameeWater Source scenario name
Project NameeWater Source project name
Metadata VersionVersion of the SDB file format0.0.1.0
Time Series Details
Element TypeElement type



Water Feature TypeFeature type



Straight Through Routing

SiteFeature (node/link) name in SourceGauge #5
Element NameThe type of attribute recorded for the site

Downstream Flow


StructureAttribute recorded for the site

Downstream Flow

Constituents@TSS@Downstream Flow Concentration

Start DateTime series start date2000-01-01 00:00:00
End DateTime series end date2000-12-31 24:00:00
TimestepTime stepDaily
UnitsData unitscubic metres per second (m³/s)
Date InDate that the time series was saved to the SDB2018-01-09 16:54:30

Using the SDB File Format

The SDB file format can be created, queried and imported using the Results Manager.

Note: Unlike most other time series data formats, SDB files cannot be imported via Data Sources,
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