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(Allen et al 1998)

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Includes alterations suggested by Emma Betts, September 2009.

(Betts, E 2012)

Includes terms suggested by Emma Betts, 2012.

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Includes alterations suggested by Lydia Cetin, 2009.

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Includes alterations suggested by Freeman Cook, 2010

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(Davidson, Andrew 2013)

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Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth).

(eWater 2009)

Internal eWater documentation, 2009.

(eWater CRC 2008)

Source Catchments Component Models Reference, eWater Cooperative Research Centre, Canberra, Australia, 2008.

(eWater CRC 2010a)

Source Catchments Scientific Reference Guide, eWater Cooperative Research Centre, Canberra, Australia, 2010.

(eWater CRC 2010b)

Source Catchments User Guide, eWater Cooperative Research Centre, Canberra, Australia, 2010.

(eWater CRC 2010c)

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Includes alterations suggested by Maria Greer, 2009.

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(Hill and Tiedeman, 2007)


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(Jolly, I 2012)


(Jordan, P 2010)

Includes alterations suggested by Phillip Jordan, 2010.

(Ladson, T 2011)


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(National Performance Framework 2006)

National Performance Framework: 2006 urban performance reporting indicators and definitions.

(National Performance Framework 2006-07)

National Performance Framework: 2006-07 Rural Water Performance Reporting Indicators and Definitions

(NWC 2007)

National Water Commission : Water Dictionary 2007

(PMI 2008)

Project Management Institute Standards Committee (2008) Project Management Body of Knowledge 4th edition Project Management Institute ISBN: 9781933890517

(Podger 2009)

River Systems: An introduction to river systems modelling. eWater Cooperative Research Centre, Canberra.

(Podger 2011)

"SourceSRGTOC_podger.docx". Internal document.

(Podger, G 2010)

Includes alterations suggested by Geoff Podger, 2010

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(Ribbons, C 2011)

Based on a personal conversation between Dugald Black and Chris Ribbons at NOW to confirm suspicions regarding the arrangement in use in unregulated systems in NSW (and the Barwon-Darling particularly).

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(toolkit 20091023)

Term harvested from as at 23 October 2009.


Glossary of Frequently Used Modeling Terms, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2008. available at

(Victorian Water Accounts 2008-2009)

2008-2009 Victorian Water Accounts:

(Ward and Robinson 1990)

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(Welsh, Podger 2008)

Welsh W.D. and Podger G.M. 2008. Australian Hydrological Modelling Initiative: River System Management Tool (AHMI: RSMT) functionality specifications. eWater Technical Report. eWater Cooperative Research Centre, Canberra.

(Wilkinson, S 2010)

Includes alterations suggested by Scott Wilkinson, 2010

(WMO 2008)

Guide to Hydrological Practices. Volume I: Hydrology – From Measurement to Hydrological Information. WMO No. 168. 6th ed. World Meteorological Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland. ISBN 978-92-63-10168-6.

(WMO 2009)

Guide to Hydrological Practices. Volume II: Management of Water Resources and Application of Hydrological Practices. WMO No. 168. 6th ed. World Meteorological Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland. ISBN 978-92-63-10168-6.


Any shortened form of a word or a phrase.


An abbreviation, usually of a phrase, formed from a string of one or more letters taken from the expanded form, which is pronounceable, and which is usually uttered in its pronounceable form.

Australian Capital Terriroty


Australian Water Resources 2005


awaiting definition

Terms with this attribute are awaiting definition.

awaiting source

Terms with this attribute are awaiting a source.

Chemical Symbol


definition under discussion

The definitions for terms with this attribute are under discussion and subject to change.

eWater CRC

eWater Cooperative Research Centre — a joint venture made up of 45 of Australia's leading water-cycle management, consulting and research organisations, supported by the Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centres Program.


An abbreviation, usually of a phrase, formed from a string of one or more letters taken from the expanded form, which is either not pronounceable, or is pronounceable but is not usually uttered in its pronounceable form. For example, while “ACT” for “Australian Capital Territory” is pronounceable as the word “act”, it is usually uttered as its three distinct letters.

Macquarie Dictionary



Murray-Darling Basin Authority

National Water Initiative


New South Wales


Northern Territory




Ramsar Convention

Ramsar Convention (Convention on Wetlands of International Importance).

River Systems specification

The source for this term is a River Systems specification document. Rather than cite individual specifications separately, this source tag covers all such specifications, whether released or otherwise.

Source Catchments subset


Source Scientific Reference Guide

Source Scientific Reference Guide (unpublished).

Source subset

Source subset is a flag indicating that the associated term should form part of any Moodle Glossary Subset associated with Source (aka Source Rivers aka River Manager).

South Australia






Water Act 2007


Water Resources Observation Network


Western Australia