Note: This is documentation for version 5.0 of Source. For a different version of Source go to the Space Directory.
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Plugin was written by Matthew Bethune from MDBA to help him compare flows and generate stats on flows.

General Info

License As-is, use at your own risk
Type free
Current version 1.0

Plugin Description

Compares two time series. The user can choose the time steps to do the comparison, including aggregating results to daily, monthly and annual time setps. Statistics from the comparison are displayed in the graph header. The start and end dates for the comparison can be different to the length of the model run.

Using the plugin

 Load the plug in.

Enter the parameters describing the dependent and indepentdent variables to be compared, including the type, name and attribute (get these from the results table).

Select the start date and end of the comparison window

Select the time step for the comparison.

You can then right click on the row in the table, and an option is provided to view the results. This will display the graph, statistics according to what you have configued.

You can add multiple rows to the comparsion table.

An option is provided to export the results from the multiple rows to a csv file.

You can export your configured comparison table to an xml file so you do not need to reenter the table each time. This table can then be reloaded.

Source Code

Source code available in SourceCommunity\SourcePlugins\CompareFlow