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The Department of Water would like to thank SKM for the assistance in the preparation of this document.  In particular Keirnan Fowler from SKM was responsible for the production of most of the material within this document, under the supervision of Rob Morden. We would also like to thank Geoff Davis and Geoffrey Adams from eWater, who’s assistance was invaluable to the project.  Joel Rahman (from FlowMatters) who was working at CSIRO / eWater also provided a great deal of assistance at the start of the project.

Plugin was written by Graigan Panosot from SKM and Keirnan Fowler from SKM (temporally away doing a PhD) for the Government of Western Australia's Department of Water.  It is currently maintained by Deepak Shakya and Joel Hall from The Department of Water, WA.



This document has been produced by the Western Australian Department of Water. Any representation, statement, opinion or advice expressed or implied in this publication is made in good faith and on the basis that the Department of Water and its employees are not liable for any damage or loss whatsoever which may occur as a result of action taken or not taken, as the case may be in respect of any representation, statement, opinion or advice referred to herein. Professional advice should be obtained before applying the information contained in this document to particular circumstances.

General Info

LicenseAs-is, use at your own risk
Current version1.0


Background, System requirements, Installation instructions, Using the Plugins, Frequently asked questions and References are all detailed here: Farm Dam Plugin Installation and User Guide_V1.pdf

Source Code

Source code is not available.



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