Note: This is documentation for version 5.0 of Source. For a different version of Source go to the Space Directory.
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This plugin was written by Joel Rahman to make it easier to use the Rainfall runoff calibration tools with only defining the area of the catchment to create a scenario.

General Info

LicenseAs-is, use at your own risk
Typefree, open-source
Current version0.2

Plugin Description

Builds a geographic scenario with a single catchment, given an area.

Using the plugin

Once you have loaded the plugins and restarted Source, the plugin will be available in the project explorer:

Example Screenshot:


Source is available in the Source Community repository ( under SourcePlugins\SingleCatchmentScenario

using System;
using System.Linq;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using RiverSystem;
using RiverSystem.Catchments;
using RiverSystem.Controls;
using RiverSystem.TestingSupport;
using TIME.Core;
using TIME.Core.Metadata;
using TIME.ScenarioManagement;
namespace SingleCatchmentScenario
    [Aka("Single Catchment Scenario Builder"),
     Author("Joel Rahman")]
    public partial class SingleCatchmentScenarioBuilder : Form, IScenarioCreation
        public SingleCatchmentScenarioBuilder()
        public AbstractScenario CreateScenario(Form parent, AbstractProject project)
            RiverSystemScenario testScenario = TestHelperRiverSystem.getAPreconfiguredTestScenarioWithAWBM(1, (RiverSystemProject)project);
            Catchment c = testScenario.Network.Catchments.First() as Catchment;
            c.characteristics.areaInSquareMeters = CatchmentAreaControl.GetValue(CommonUnits.squareMetres);
            foreach (var fu in c.FunctionalUnits)
                fu.areaInSquareMeters = 0;
            c.FunctionalUnits.First().areaInSquareMeters = c.characteristics.areaInSquareMeters;
            testScenario.Name += " " + (project as RiverSystemProject).GetRSScenarios().Length + 1;
            return testScenario;

        public string Description
            get { return "Single catchment scenario for rainfall runoff modelling"; }
        public string IconPath
            get { return "/RiverSystem.Forms;component/Resources/river-operator.ico"; }

        private void BuildButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)