Note: This is documentation for version 5.0 of Source. For a different version of Source go to the Space Directory.
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The Source FEWS Adapter supports using Source models as simulation engines in DelftFEWS installations.

The adapter works as a "General Adapter" within the FEWS configuration and can be used to run one or more Source models with up to date inputs from FEWS.

General Info

Current version1.0


The adapter allows you to use one or more Source models as simulation engines within a FEWS forecasting environment. The adapter can work with both unregulated "catchments" style models and regulated "river manager" style. The adapter does not support Source models running in Operations mode, but in previous experience, it has been possible to switch these models to Planning mode and then achieve the operations-style functionality from within FEWS.

Using the Adapter

The adapter is available in the Community Plugins zip file that is available for download with the latest Source release. 

To use the adapter, you first need a FEWS system, and within that system you should be managing the appropriate time series inputs for your Source model. So, for example, to use a "catchments style" Source model, then your FEWS system should be managing rainfall and perhaps PET or temperature at the appropriate locations for use within Source. On the other hand, to use a "river manager" Source model, your FEWS system should be managing the appropriate gauged inflow data, along with any other inputs that the Source model expects (eg demand time series).

The FEWS system needs a configuration file for the Source adapter. Instructions for building this configuration file is at

Questions and Comments

The Source FEWS Adapter was built by Joel Rahman of Flow Matters.


Source Code

Source code available in