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As research has progressed in the area of bioretention systems, there have been significant advances in the understanding of treatment performance. With guidance from Monash University (FAWB) in particular, the bioretention node has evolved to better represent the science.

Initially, versions 2 and 3 made use of smaller datasets. Intensive research in the subject (by FAWB) resulted in a complete rewrite to the node in v4. Technical changes in implementation resulted in a modification in the method for predicting treatment performance at the node. This offered a more accurate modelling of flow, as well as improved water quality treatment. Details of these changes are available at MUSIC v4 Bioretention Updates.

Further research conducted by the Facility of Advancing Water Biofiltration (FAWB) at Monash University resulted in additional changes to the treatment performance at the bioretention node in v5. Further information on this is available at MUSIC v5 Bioretention Update.

In music v6, the bioretention node has undergone fewer modifications compared to its predecessors. There is increased access to generated data and reporting, allowing for greater visibility of the operation of model components.