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  1. Install MUSIC HL version on the computer you wish to be the licence server (have the USB HL Key inserted into)
  2. Insert the USB HL Key into the same computer as Step 1.
  3. Once installed using a web browser browse to: http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html
    1. If you see the following page the HASP driver installation has completed successfully. You should be able to see your licence key in the list
    2. If this page does not load, it might have something to do with the HASP Driver not being installed correctly when MUSIC was installed - try reinstalling MUSIC. 
      1. If the above step doesn't work, download sentinel drivers from here (version 7.9.1) or directly from Sentinel here and install this on the machine and plug the USB hardlock key back in prior to launching MUSIC. 
  4. Next, also Install MUSIC HL version on the computer(s) you wish to use MUSIC from (the users computers)
  5. Once installed you should be able to Run MUSIC.
    1. If MUSIC doesn't run / you receive an error starting MUSIC, it could be a number of things
      1. The HASP Driver didn't install correctly. You can test if the driver is installed correctly by browsing to: http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html - If it doesn't load try reinstalling MUSIC.
      2. All network licences are in use
      3. The user computers is unable to contact the network licence manager. This could be:
        1. A firewall issue - check
        2. An antivirus issue, try disabling antivirus software.
        3. If the licence server is on the same network the users computers will need additional configuration.
          1. On the users computer(s), using a web browser browse to: http://localhost:1947/_int_/config_to.html
          2. Check "Aggressive Search for Remote Licenses"
          3. Enter the IP address of the Licence server into the "Remote Licence Search Parameters" textbox. 
          4. In some cases you may need to configure a VPN to make the licence server available via the network from the users computer.