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eWater is pleased to announce the latest Production Release of Source version 4.9.   Version 4.9 contains the new and updated features developed over the past 6 months since v4.7, along with stability and performance improvements.  Version 4.9 also contains a fix to fixes a problem found in two Source models, where the same model would give different results on different computers.  Plugin developers should read the details below.
Highlights of Source Version 4.9 include:

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Different results on different machines has been fixed!

Technical details for the issue of different results on different machines:


To fix it, we implemented new versions of the two functions that produce consistent results on different machines. The problem has only been detected in 2 Source models, which happen to be 2 of the largest and most complicated. With the fix, we are now getting consistent results for both models, across different machines that were previously giving different results. There will be changes for Plugin developers to use the same functions we are using, instead of the inbuilt System.Math functions when using Pow or Exp. We recommend plugin developers to use the new implementations of the functions which are in the TIME.Science.ConsistentMaths class within the TIME assembly.We have approached Microsoft about the issue and they are yet to respond: Microsoft Developer Community: Math.Pow and Math.Exp produce inconsistent results

This was a really difficult problem to isolate and fix. We are VERY happy that we worked it out!!


The Lascam plugin now includes better value ranges to help determine the appropriate ranges to use when using the calibration tool to calibrate the rainfall-runoff model.


  • The Geographic zoom tool has been fixed and improved,.
  • The run period was constrained when some observed data had been included.  We have removed this restriction to allow the model run period to be longer than observed data in the model.

  • Changes to "Safe Release" functionality for storages with multiple outlets. See: Storage node - OperatingConstraints, 

  • Improvements to recorder sets, See: Configuring Scenarios - Recorder Sets
  • Scenario Input Sets and , Recorder Sets and Functions can be searched using Ctrl+F,
  • Run information is now saved in the Results Manager,. See: Results Manager - Scenario Run Metadata
  • We have improved the performance of editing large constituent models,.
  • Changes to stop Model Variables breaking when Functions are moved,.
  • Improvements to handling distribution loss at Supply Points with travel time. See: Supply point node - Distribution Loss
  • Improvements to Weirs, including fixing mass balance for constituents with lumped routing.
  • Orders can now be redistributed to different accounts at extraction time for use debit accounts. See: Resource assessment - Usage

Community Plugins

Arrange Nodes plugin


We are currently on .net 4.6.2, which hasn't changed from Source 4.7. We are planning on moving to C# 7, Visual Studio 2019 and .NET 4.8.0 soon, so you will need to make sure you have updated Visual Studio to continue developing plugins in the beta versions. We also intend to move to .NET 5 in 2020. .NET 5 will enable the Source command line and service interface to run on Linux.  Note the section above on the fix for different results from the same model on different machines.