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The new Environmental Flow node and Environmental Flow Manager now work with NetLP ordering. To determine the "marginal" difference in orders that are required by the Environmental Flow Node, NetLP determines probable flows throughout the system prior to determining environmental flow orders. The model does the order phase twice - firstly Expected Flows without initiating new Environmental Flow orders are determined.  These flows are then provided to the environmental Flow Nodes to perform their ordering calculations. NetLP is then given the environmental flow demands as well as all of the other demands and works out the most efficient orderway to deliver the orders.

Minor changes

  • Improved generation of orders at Storages and Weirs. Source now allows the user to specify a factor to smooth the rate at which downstream storages orders water from upstream.
  • Off allocation had an option called "Equalise Shares", which wasn't used by any of the jurisdictions, and has now been removed. 
  • climate Data import tool improvements, including the ability to extend the duration of data
  • zoom all the time with the scroll wheel for Catchment Scenarios
  • a fix for projects being corrupted by windows (affected a small number of users)
  • modelled variables are now more stable when moving links
  • optional improvement of ordering using Operating Targets with Rules-based orders at storages
  • resolution of infinite loops
  • Insight now produces a cache of model run results
  • addressed some charting issues.