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The changes in this beta will be available in the 4.13 production release, due out at the end of June 2020. 

Changes in Features of this release include changing how :

  • Changes to the way custom charts are managed


  • .
  • Command line improvements


  • .
  • Updates to River Operation mode within Source.

We have also made improved:introduced the concept of Locking to the Function Modelled Variables


, selected variables can now be locked, making it less likely for mistakes to occur. 

Ordering for the Irrigator demand model now includes an option to make the Flow phase and Order phase identical.

Custom charts

Custom charts are no longer get saved by default! 

All automatically generated charts are created under Temporary and only saved when moved into Saved. Users can also create folders and subfolders for organising custom charts:

We will also want to include a toolbar with a filter/search for custom charts: 

, hopefully in the next beta.


Performance improvements for the command line

We have done some performance work on work to improve the performance of the command line to reduce the , less memory (RAM) is now used during a run and to speed up runs run time in the command line.

The command line now has additional options for results saving:


There are three modes currently available (4. with another coming soon):

  1. noOutput - This improves performance when using automatic exporting tooks tools such as Scenario Options: Simulation results or Simulation Log which automatically exports results after each run to a specific location. 
  2. serverNamedFormat - This mode saves from the server, rather than transferring data back to the client when in client-server mode. This is also now the default for a single computer run, meaning performance is improved by not transferring the data.
  3. clientNamedFormat - (default for client-server mode). The data is transferred back to the client and saved (current behaviour).
  4. Coming soon: serverStreamedFormat - this will be available with results streaming in the next beta release.