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MUSIC and Urban Developer were originally designed to complement each other, to draw together information on urban water quantity (Urban Developer) and water quality (MUSIC) to develop integrated water management solutions in urban areas. These models can now be integrated with eWater Source catchment and river system models. This allows users to analyse interactions between different components of the water cycle and jointly evaluate demand and water supply options.  This provides water managers the tools to understand the best balance of traditional centralised bulk water supply, demand management and alternative water supplies, including the use and recycling of stormwater, wastewater and groundwater.

Question - should we acknowledge the investment by Melbourne Water and us?
GD:I think it would be good to acknowledge them.  Yep.  But need to run it past them first.  Also need to acknowledge the broader urban beta testers etc?
We would like to acknowledge the leadership and financial support of Melbourne Water to enhance Urban Developer and the contribution of our urban beta tester group, who have played a key role in making sure that Urban Developer and MUSICX are fit for purpose.

Source 5.0 also contains a broad range of other upgrades and enhancements to the platform, including changes to support river operations management, a new ordering system analysis tool, a range of performance improvements, and greater control over the interaction between planned constraints on supply, planned orders, and water deliveries.


Backward compatibility steps are detailed here: A new Water User and Constraint Phase

Results Streaming

Results can now be streamed to files on disk rather than stored in memory. This is to prevent memory issues with large runs.  Results streaming is off by default, however, it can be turned on in Project Options: