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High level release notes for Source Release 3.3.0 (since 3.1.0)


Source 3.3.0 is a result of extensive changes over its predecessor, Source 3.1.0. In addition to improved editing performance, Source 3.3.0 has introduced several key features, which are outlined below. For further technical details about these changes, refer to the full Technical Release Notes.

Data Sources Explorer

Implementation of the Data Sources Explorer and Input Sets in the user interface allows for a centrally managed, data handling process in Source. Key attributes include, but are not limited to:

  • The ability to update a time series at one location, even if it has been used at multiple nodes in a scenario.
  • The ability to set up alternative configurations for different input sets.
  • The ability to refer to input sets using both the command line and the Expression Editor for catchments, rivers and operations scenarios.

River Operations and Forecasting

These have undergone a complete overhaul. Specific upgrades include:

  • River Operations can be toggled on and off, allowing for better management of operations-type functions, along with the ability to run operations in planning scenarios.
  • The ability to forecast several parameters in the storage node, including unaccounted differences, evaporation and rainfall.


Implementation of the Irrigator demand model (as part of the Water User node) allows for improved crop-based planting decisions that better align with economic modelling. It is based on three approaches that have been incorporated into Source, which include regression models (used by the MDBA), the PRIDE model (used in Victoria), and Crop model 2 (part of IQQM).

Furthermore, environmental demand, which was part of the Water User node, is now a separate node - the environmental demand node. It provides a means of simulating environmental water requirement by generating environmental demands.

In addition to the major changes described above, the following developments have also been made in Source 3.3.0:

  • The ability to configure parameters in catchments has been improved.
  • Bug fixes in weir functionality, such as resolution of mass balance.
  • Overhaul of Resource Assessment triggers provide greater flexibility.
  • Ability to run regression tests with the inclusion of the Regression Test Runner in the Tools menu.

  File Modified
Multimedia File Geoff Davis Data Sources Demonstration.mp4 Jul 24, 2014 by Anu Satheesh

New functionality since last beta:

  • Environmental Demand model now its own node and takes into consideration previous events and downstream orders.
  • User Guide and Scientific Reference Guide links from Feature editors point directly to online User Guide and Scientific Reference Guides.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: We now enforce units of time series in Data Sources to be commensurate with where they are used. This may require you to explicitly set units on time series where none have been set. This will only be a breaking change if you have used the one time series in two different locations as a dummy file, e.g. a time series with all zeros used for constituent load and for inflow.

Important Bug fixes:

  • Issues of Persistence Failure Related to Code Changes and Metaparameters
  • Splitter icon identifies incorrect effluent on opening project
  • Can now extract water in unregulated systems to fill on farm storage

Existing Issues

  • (warning) New Environmental Demand model won't work with NetLp
  • Copy & paste functionality does not copy expressions
  • Can now add constituents to a catchments model.  Save and re-load project  - it will not be able to run straight away.

Updating from Source Catchments Public release please refer to: Source Catchment users - Transitioning to Source


To run Insight you also need to install the 32bit version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package.
This is for both 32bit machines and 64bit machines since the library we use is 32bit:


If you are downloading any of the separate plugins – DERMTools etc – then you will need to manually 'unblock' this file in Windows after downloading. To do this, right click on the dll file in windows explorer and select properties. At the bottom of this window will be comment along the lines of 'this file has been downloaded from the internet and has been blocked to protect this computer'. There should be an 'unblock' button next to the warning. Click unblock and then click ok. The plugin should then load

Full Release Issue List:

Technical Release Notes or 3.3.0 Release Reports

Release Documentation (since last beta):

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