What's New in this Version of MUSIC

There have been several functional and visual changes to MUSIC version 6.0. The largest is the introduction of MUSIC-link, which streamlines the process of assessing the compliance of water sensitive designs submitted by the development sector against guidelines from a specific assessing authority. Other significant changes are summarised below:

Version 6.3 

Version 6.2 (Build 1)

Landuse Zoning / Surface Type categories within the Urban Source Node – these will allow for a better “split catchment modelling approach”. The new categories have guided default EMC/DWC values (see: Editing Source Node Properties).

New Results Manager and charting tool that offers:

Version 6.1 (Build 1)

Version 6.0 (Build 4)

Version 6.0 (Build 3)

Version 6.0 (Build 1)

Version 5.1 (Build 16)

 MUSIC Version 5.1 includes a number of significant new features and enhancements, which are summarised below. Users are referred to the specified chapter below for further information:

Version 5.1 (Build 15)

Version 5.1 (Build 14)

Version 5.1 (Build 13)

Version 5.0 (Build 11)

Version 5.0 (Build 10)

Version 4.1 (Build 1)

As part of eWater's initiative to maintain the MUSIC software into the future and to continue to include improvements, both functionality and science based, we are releasing MUSIC 4.1. This version includes a number of bug fixes, and enhancements, that will allow users and software IT staff to manage the software in current standard operating environments.

Version 4.0 (Build 8)

Version 4.0 (Build 7)

Version 3.0

Version 2.1

Version 2.1 introduced two bug fixes:

Version 2.0

A number of enhancements and new features have been incorporated into MUSIC Version 2, and these are summarised below. Users are referred to the specified chapter for more details on each identified enhancement, where appropriate.

Bug Fixes